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How to buy from China and consolidate freight in HK

July 15, 2014 Ask the Experts Q&A

We have warehouse in Hong Kong (HK), and we would like to buy products in bulk quantities from china mainland to store in warehouse in (HK), do we need to have import/export license in HK and do custom paper works in HK?


Hong Kong is very open and you don’t need

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My order is late. Who is to blame?

July 8, 2014 Ask the Experts Q&A

Normally, we allow 6 weeks to deliver to Sydney on Sea Freight from the date of “Shipped on Board” in the B/L. If it takes some times more than 2 months, who is responsible for this delay ? Can we question the manufacturer who is also the shipper

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Top Blog Posts June 2014 related to Sourcing, QC, Legal and Supply China Management

July 4, 2014 Another China Blog, Blogs

Best of CSIC network 6.1.2014 to 7.4.2014

Editor’s Picks

From Sourcing & Supply China Management Blog Posts

9 costly mistakes commonly made by small buyers

4 amazing advantages of using a Hong Kong holding company when investing in Mainland China.

What procedures should I follow

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5 great blog posts about QC & Quality Assurance in Asia

July 4, 2014 Another China Blog, Blogs

Best of AQF’s Quality Control Blog for May and June 2014

The Quality Control Blog is written by the Asia Quality Focus (AQF) team to share its experience and know-how about quality assurance and how to source safely in Asia. The Quality Control Blog does an excellent job of giving an

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4 amazing advantages of using a Hong Kong holding company when investing in Mainland China.

Question:   While I was exploring setting up my own factory in China, I noticed most investors first set up a HK holding company which then owns the China based entity. Why don’t the foreign investors directly own the PRC based factory, sourcing office, sales office, warehouse or trading company?


Based on

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What procedures should I follow to import easily?

June 20, 2014 Ask the Experts Q&A

What procedures do I follow in order to import easily without losing my capital or goods.

Here is a series of short videos designed to answer that very question:

Video 1: Finding Suppliers
Video 2: Evaluating Suppliers
Video 3: Negotiations
Video 4: Project Management and Quality Control
Video 5: Protecting Your Intellectual Property
Video 6: Leveraging

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3 essential steps to protect yourself when buying from China

June 16, 2014 Ask the Experts Q&A

We are getting close to making decisions on large quantity and large dollar value transactions with several companies in China. We are concerned with protecting ourselves financially to send full payment before we receive our products. We are concerned about fraud as well as quality control of the product. What

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