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Book Review: Where Underpants Come From?


Today’s Book Review: “Where Underpants Come From” by Joe Bennett

in this case, from all over China.

Official Teaser:

When Joe Bennett bought a five-pack of ‘Made in China’ underpants in his local New Zealand Warehouse for $8.59, he wondered who on earth could be making any money, let alone profit, from

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Why this supplier won’t accept a letter of credit?

My supplier in China insists on having payments for ordered goods as follows: 10% T/T + 90% L/C while my home bank asked me to insist on paying for ordered goods by 100% L/C. My Chinese suppliers turned down payments by 100% L/C and I cancelled the order. Why do

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importing team gear

I want to order some items from China with my team logo on it, is that illegal Thank you


I assume you are referring to the logo of a professional sports team or other entity that is protected as intellectual property.  If so, I am afraid your government would frown upon

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6 posts worth reading about QC & Quality Assurance in Asia

Here is an insider’s look at important issues relating to quality control and auditing in Asia.

The inspection agency Asia Quality Focus (AQF) has a blog called the “quality control blog” which is written by their team to share experience and know-how about quality assurance and how to source safely in

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What payments methods and terms should I use to pay a supplier?

A reader recently wrote in to ask: “what method of payments do Chinese suppliers prefer ? “

it’s up to the buyer to negotiate safe terms of payment.

Chinese suppliers prefer 100% in advance via bank transfer (or better yet- cash) and they would be very happy if you don’t bother to

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Can my China supplier’s liability insurance cover me if there is a recall in USA?

How do suppliers in China supply liability insurance to cover the buyer in case of a recall? Please advise what options are available?


Unfortunately, it is very rare for a Chinese supplier to have coverage for liability in the USA for example. I see from your website that you have various

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How not to Lose Money when Sourcing from China

Thanks for your question. You wrote:


I need help or advice on how not to lose money in buying after sending LC, to be sure the contents of the box or ship is as per agreed same and quality of products that we agreed

paying after proof of shipping doesn’t protect

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