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Can my China supplier’s liability insurance cover me if there is a recall in USA?

September 14, 2014 Ask the Experts Q&A

How do suppliers in China supply liability insurance to cover the buyer in case of a recall? Please advise what options are available?


Unfortunately, it is very rare for a Chinese supplier to have coverage for liability in the USA for example. I see from your website that you have various

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How not to lose money when sourcing from China

September 7, 2014 Ask the Experts Q&A

Thanks for your question. You wrote:


I need help or advice on how not to lose money in buying after sending LC, to be sure the contents of the box or ship is as per agreed same and quality of products that we agreed

paying after proof of shipping doesn’t protect

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Smart phones and computers from China

September 3, 2014 Ask the Experts Q&A

I would like to place an order to buy computers and smart phones from Chinese suppliers, many of them had sent me their price list but not a single one is willing to use an Escrow company, all of them require a payment in advance and I’m concern that they

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Compliance in China. Challenges of Transparency, Interpretation & Enforcement.

August 24, 2014 Another China Blog, Blogs

Compliance is one of the biggest challenges facing foreign companies operating in China.

While there is a law/policy/regulation/suggested standard promulgated by Beijing for almost every aspect of doing business, for the typical Western owned company operating in China, the problem is two-fold:

Interpretation and enforcement of the law varies greatly not only

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3rd Party Assembly and VAT planning

August 21, 2014 Another China Blog, Blogs

Quoted FOB and EXW by the Chinese supplier.  Who pays the VAT in these circumstances? Who can apply for the refund?

Marisa in S. Florida writes in to explain her situation and ask her VAT questions:

Hi Mike,

I have your book and also have heard you speak at the seminars in Miami

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How to find and manage partners for logistics services in China

August 16, 2014 Videos

A lot of third-party logistics companies (3PL) will say they have global coverage in their marketing, but I have found that when you dig deep into their experience you will find they focus on certain shipping routes or destination ports. And the giant freight forwarders that do have offices around the world are usually not interested in smaller accounts. So if you are moving less than 20 containers per year, they may not be a good fit anyway.

Beware of Brand Name Scam from China

August 16, 2014 Featured

I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count how many times I have been contacted by buyers who think they can buy famous brands like Apple iPhones and iPads direct from China only to fall into a scam. Everybody knows that most of these Apple products are made in China, but what people fail to realize is that due to the tax system in China, the price of the products at wholesale and retail or higher than the pricing you would find back home if you live in North America or Europe.

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