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5 great blog posts about QC & Quality Assurance in Asia

Best of AQF’s Quality Control Blog for May and June 2014

The Quality Control Blog is written by the Asia Quality Focus (AQF) team to share its experience and know-how about quality assurance and how to source safely in Asia. The Quality Control Blog does an excellent job of giving an

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4 amazing advantages of using a Hong Kong holding company when investing in Mainland China.

Question:   While I was exploring setting up my own factory in China, I noticed most investors first set up a HK holding company which then owns the China based entity. Why don’t the foreign investors directly own the PRC based factory, sourcing office, sales office, warehouse or trading company?


Based on

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When does it make sense to process Chinese VAT rebates in-house?

A European friend of mine is based on China and runs a sourcing agency. The following are excerpts from our discussion on the pros and cons of setting up in-house VAT rebate facilities in China.

 I’ve been reading your article “What is VAT and why should I worry about it” on

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How to source when there is a lack of trust and ethics

Back in 2011, I wrote the blog post “ya can’t truss it” – status of China sourcing ethics. Based on that year’s business scandals and general abuse of the international buyer, I downgraded my China Sourcing Safety Index from “trust but probably verify” to “don’t trust and must verify.”

In the

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9 costly mistakes commonly made by small buyers

Thanks to the internet it is fairly easy for a small buyer to place an order direct to an Asia supplier. Starting an online store or small business has never been easier. But the sad fact is that most of these startups don’t survive the first year. Here are the

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Top Blog Posts of the Month related to Sourcing, QC, Legal and Supply China Management

Best of CSIC network 5.8.2014 to 5.29.2014

Editor’s Picks from Sourcing & Supply China Management Blog Posts

Negotiation, Contracts and Payments – The Ultimate Guide

What I told CNN about China sourcing

Options for support with sourcing and supply chain management

A very unique marketing

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If your IP is being violated, it is most likely taking place in these 9 hotbeds of illegal activity.

In China when we talk about “the Notorious BIG” we may not be referring to a dearly departed large rapper and friend of Puff Daddy. Nope, when it comes to China sourcing we are referring to the notoriously large and notoriously easy to access online and offline markets that have

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