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Doing Business in China. May 2013 Seminars in California, Ohio, Georgia & Wisconsin

May 8, 2013 Another China Blog, Blogs

China expert, CSIC contributor & HK-based businessman, Thad Mueller of Fiducia Management Consultants will be travelling to the USA from 11th to 22nd of May to host a series of workshops supporting US companies wishing to do business in China and Hong Kong.

Thad has extended an invitation to

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Comments on: “Betrayed in China: One Entrepreneur’s Hard Journey East”

May 7, 2013 Another China Blog, Blogs

Haven’t yet found the time to read the books “Poorly made in China” (reviewed here) or “Mr. China: A Memoir”?  Well you are in luck. Take a few minutes and read “Betrayed in China: One Entrepreneur’s Hard Journey East”.

The Feb 2013 Inc. Magazine is pretty

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Move over Shanghai Surprise. Meet the Zhejiang Screwjob.

April 30, 2013 Another China Blog, Blogs

Back in January 2013 we alerted our readers to a scam targeting Chinese factories and Western buyer which was reaching epidemic proportions at the time of writing. At the peak of the outbreak, we were receiving no less than a report a week from CSIC readers who had fallen

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Choosing Your Business Vehicle: Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises

April 25, 2013 Blogs

WFOEs usually take the form of limited liability companies and the liability of the foreign investor in respect of the WFOE is limited to the amount of capital it agrees to contribute.  The risk of proceeding with a WFOE structure is that a foreign investor will not have the assistance

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Warning Signs of a Chinese Scam

April 23, 2013 Another China Blog, Blogs

My friend and fellow contributor to the CSIC, Louise Kern of, works with the US Department of Commerce to help identify scams.  Here is her short list of BIG red flags if you are contacted by an Asian buyer that wants to do business with you.

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How Can Textile Factories Continue to Operate in Expensive China?

April 19, 2013 Articles, Guest Blogs

Report on Dongguan’s Textile Industry By Neale O’Connor

With reports of textiles industry moving to cheaper South East Asia and third world countries and out of China, China continues to dwarf the other top five textile exporting nations (Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Honduras) to the U.S. in terms of exports.

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First time sourcing? Q&A with an Australian buyer of Chinese products

April 16, 2013 Another China Blog, Blogs

A CSIC reader in Australia recently contacted me with her questions about QC, MOQ, Payment Terms and Import Regulations.  I want to share the highlights of my discussion with her for two reasons:

One: having read some of the content at CSIC, I am happy to

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