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What to do when a pissed off supplier and his thugs camp out in your China purchasing office.

I recently received an email from a western buyer in Guangzhou who was desperate for help.  He works in his company’s Chinese buying office and had an ugly situation with his supplier. Long story made short is that the supplier had quality issues, gave a credit of 60,000 USD, then

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7 common questions asked when registering Intellectual Property: costs & steps

China doesn’t have a reputation for respecting IP. But things are changing fast- for the better.  Chinese industry understands that design innovation and brand reputation are ways to increase margins.   Now that the Chinese finally have intellectual property worth protecting, it is natural that their government place more emphasis on

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Why does my supplier fight a move from FOB to EXW terms? What role does VAT play?

Question to our mailbag:

I am the inventor, importer and distributor of a proprietary electromechanical device that is sold in major retailers across Europe and the USA.  A few years ago, I appointed a primary vendor (contract manufacturer) in China to perform the final assembly.  He sells to me

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Be Smart, not Sorry, when Drawing up Contracts.


This morning, I spoke with a client. He said he needs a simple supply contract to use for his sourcing business in China.

I sent him a checklist, so that he can let me know what he expects the contract to specify. He replied that he needed quick advice, he can’t

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Excellent (& free) resources for buyer education

Global buyers can now easily find the latest industry news and analyses, China sourcing advice, product guides and new products at Sourcing News & Advice, a newly launched specialized hub from the editorial team at Global Sources.

Much of the content found on that site relating to China advice and sourcing

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Too good to be true, rings true, whether buying or selling in China

When I wrote blogs about protecting yourself while sourcing in China, I got a call from an overseas client who was trying to sell his wine to China.  He told me he would fly to China to sign a contract with his buyer.  The Chinese buyer approached the company and

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Behind the scenes: buying SD cards & flash/ thumb drives, China Direct


At the recent Electronics industry show in HK, we assigned our CSIC researchers to interview dozens of buyers and sellers dealing in SD cards & flash drives in order to get to the bottom of the following issues:

Why are buyers of SD cards and flash drives targeted by

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