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Top 4 questions asked of the CSIC in 2013

As the year comes to an end, I thought it a good time to share with our readers the 4 most commonly asked questions from the 2013 CSIC mail bag. 

How do I confirm the seller is legitimate?

How do I avoid scams?

I think I

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Hong Kong’s Virtual Scammers


Chibridge’s blog team recently published a blog about sending money to Hong Kong accounts.  Many buyers seem to be getting scammed by sending money to an account in HK but the goods are being produced in China.  This right here, Chibridge tells us is a red flag.  Many people automatically

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Sourcing Fair & Conference: Melbourne 2013. Video Recording/ Resources for Buyers

CSIC Volunteers Mike Bellamy and Brian Garvin represented CSIC at the recent Australian International Sourcing Fair.  They hosted a series of conferences and panel discussions while in Melbourne.   In case you missed it, here is the link to videos from the seminar along with the handouts for the audience.


Brian at

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Purchase Orders or Purchase Contracts?


Chibridge’s blog recently wrote at length the exact difference between purchase orders and purchase contracts.  What’s really the difference?  The difference is specifics.  Contracts tend to be more specific than a purchase order.  Purchase contracts you can constantly re-use, especially when it’s already bilingual, only thing to be careful of

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QC: OK to be picky. But be professional.

“Excuse me- I think there’s something wrong with this in a tiny way that no one other than me would ever be able to pinpoint.”

In the cartoon the guest may very likely not be invited back to the establishment. 

If you are not professional in your inspection and assessments

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B/L (Bill of Lading) manipulation scam

I recently received the following letter from a buyer in Ireland who is being abused by her China supplier.  As this situation is far from uncommon, in order to help other buyers, I am including key parts below.

(Note: the B/L is the paperwork needed to release the goods into the

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Sean Connery vs. the…what?

Counterfeit DVD’s are still widely available in China. I don’t advise you buy them because the quality is horrible and it’s wrong from an ethical perspective.  Plus you can get in big trouble when importing and exporting across international borders.

I think the producers of the counterfeit DVD below were trying

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