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Quality Control Agents: An insider’s look at their fee structure (part 2)

Inspections and Audits

In Part 1 of this series we exposed the dangers of asking a sourcing agency to conduct inspections and audits. We also explained why working on a man-day rate is better than a % of PO value when contracting inspection services.

Now let’s take a look at how

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Insider’s look at legal services in China: IP Registration: Copyrights (Process & Documents Required) (Part 3)

The main procedure to register a copyright in China is as follows:

Search the government database to ensure the IP is not already registered by another party.
Organize the technical translations and prepare all documents.
Fill in “Work Registration Form and Rights Guarantee” (WRF&RG) and pay government registration department fees.
Submit documents to

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Don’t end up looking like an Ass in the year of the Horse

Year of the Horse. 2014.

Chinese holidays can impact your supply chain and make you look bad in the eyes of your customers.With the Chinese New Year holiday rapidly approaching, I want to offer a behind the scenes look at what really happens at the factory before a major holiday

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Quality Control Agents: An insider’s look at their fee structure (part 1)

You can divide the China inspection agents into two groups: Sourcing Agents and Inspection Agents.

Sourcing Agents

Sourcing agents often do inspections and audits as part of their supply chain management service.

They will charge 3 to 15% (depending on size of order) for their service, which is inclusive of audits

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Insider’s look at legal services in China: IP Registration: Introduction (Part 2)

China is a “first to register” rather than “first to market” system.

Let’s say you have product made in China under your brand and you have registered that brand in your home country. Registration in your home market doesn’t provide coverage in China. If another party registers your IP before you

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Does a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) protect my intellectual property (IP)?

I will be searching for a mfg to create an “invention: of mine. It will be a new creation. Would a non-compete agreement be effective if I’m dealing with a Chinese mfg? If not, how can I protect my invention?

There is no downside to having an NDA in place. At

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Insider’s look at legal services in China: Introduction to the series (Part 1)

When it comes to China business law, three questions are commonly asked by international business people:

How do I protect my Intellectual Property?
What should be in the contract?
How much do lawyers charge?

This series of 17 short posts is designed to help answer those questions and more.


Types of Lawyers in China/Fee Structures/

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