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Can I get compensation for a missed delivery?

September 24, 2013 Ask the Experts Q&A

We were told the delivery of the shipment on our order was 30 days and it made 60 days. are we allowed any compensation, how can we claim it? of course the supplier is unwilling saying he is not the shipping company. our contract was clear buy and deliver from

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PRC Releases New Trademark Amendment, Violators Face Fines: ~500K USD

September 16, 2013 Blogs

China’s top legislature– Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) adopted an amendment to the Trademark Law which went into effect on 30th of August, 2013.

The amendment, raises the compensation ceiling for trademark infringement to 3 million RMB (about 500,000 US dollars), six times the previous limit, it also includes clauses

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Safe Payments = Safe Sourcing

September 3, 2013 Ask the Experts Q&A

Why is it so hard to locate a “supplier” that will take payments by “Credit Card”? Are credit cards not USED by Chinese people? I ALSO have trouble finding one which will take payment through an “Escrow” service. How is an American “buyer” supposed to have any “security”

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Does the NDA protect me? Will my ideas be stolen?

August 27, 2013 Ask the Experts Q&A

I am about to publish a book and launch a line of plush dolls/toys to go with it. I already have prototypes of the dolls that I want to produce along with pictures to send to potential manufacturers. Should I worry about someone stealing my idea? I have

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Common Mistake: Releasing funds after provision of shipping docs

August 20, 2013 Ask the Experts Q&A

We are in the final stages of placing an order with a new supplier. Our preferred terms of payment are 30% of PO value placed as a deposit upon returned signed copy of PO followed by 70% of PO balance upon receipt of a scanned copy of B/L.

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